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Monday, 15 October 2012

How to heal a broken marriage

Why is it that Christian marriage advice often seems to be exactly the same, no matter where you look? Are you looking for insight that can help you to solve problems and improve your bond with your spouse? Have you noticed that you might act as Christians at church on Sunday, but reverted to ungodly behavior during the rest of the week? Whether you are a practicing Christian, or if you are simply seeking some Christian marriage advice as a final solution to saving a struggling relationship, recognizing you have a problem is just the first step.
Here are some ways you can start healing a marriage now.
1) Solve Problems Before They Start: Recognize the Needs Of Both PartnersSo called Christian marriage advice that says one partner is more important than the other is wrong! Both husband and wife make important contributions to the marriage and family, and each person in the relationship has his or her own needs. As a married partner, it is up to you to meet those needs. Jesus said that if we keep God's commandments, then we demonstrate our love and commitment to him. (John 14:15). God's greatest command is the commandment to love and serve not only him, but each other! Love and serve your spouse by identifying his or her unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and fulfilling them as best you can. Both of you will be happier as a result.
2) Recover From Infidelity: Infidelity breaks our covenant with each other, and it breaks our covenant with God! If you think your spouse is being unfaithful, find out for sure, and seek help to fix your marriage. If you have been unfaithful, then you need to take a close look at why it happened. It is up to you to work toward repairing the damage that has been caused - and take steps to be sure it never happens again.There are many reasons for infidelity within marriage - and often, they have to do with the fact that certain needs are not being met. If your spouse has been unfaithful, you should stop to consider how to prevent it from happening again.Yes, you have the right to feel angry and betrayed if you have been cheated on. Try to forgive your spouse - and seek Christian marriage advice from a Christian marriage counselor. You may be able to find help within your faith community, but if you would rather keep your problems confidential, finding help online is simple and effective.
3) Marriage Coaching Can Help You Move Forward Whether the problems in your marriage are barely even noticeable most of the time, or if you are constantly struggling, marriage coaching is one of the best kinds of ongoing Christian marriage advice you can get. Often, churches offer coaching for people who are in the process of preparing for marriage, and some churches do offer help for people who have a need for ongoing help with their relationships. You can learn how to relate to each other better, how to improve your physical bond, and how to really be better Christians toward each other in your marriage. As Christians, we should always be striving to improve our relationships with our spouses, the rest of our families, our communities, and God. We should make moving forward and taking our commitments to a higher level a priority. Marriage coaching can provide very specific tools and strategies for doing just that - and by taking advantage of all the good things coaching can offer, we can heal the wounds that divide us from our spouses, and become better people.
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