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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Should Christians Use Sex Toys?

On a scale of 1-10, how exciting is your bedroom? If you are like me, that number started out as a 10 (our honeymoon), dipped a bit during the first couple years of marriage to and 8, then took another dive after our first child was born.
My spouse and I both knew the flame was there, but it wasn't burning as brightly as we wanted it to. One day, I decided, while on a layover in Amsterdam, to buy a was the best decision I made for our sex life!
We were both new to sex toys/intimacy toys, and just wanted to experiment together.
Trust me, it doesn't take long to get the hang of it, and can provide a great level of satisfaction to both parties. However, if you are like us, the whole 'sex toy thing' may strike you as odd at first...especially when you're a person of faith.
Does using a device like a vibrator go against God's will?
While the easy answer is 'No! God created sex to be enjoyed!', but we should also be careful that the device, instead of being a supplement, does not become a substitute. In other words, if the device gets center stage, leaving your spouse on the sidelines, there may be a problem. Yet that is an extreme scenario, and one which may even be necessary if one party or the other is partly handicapped or pregnant (sometimes there is little difference between the two!).
Our experience is that using sex toys in our marriage can not only be fun, but can strengthen the physical dimension of our relationship. As Christians, we feel this is a positive thing! Apparently, we are not alone, because there are websites that cater to couples who are new to the idea of using something like a vibrator, a shaft (they even carry eco-friendly ones now!), lingerie, or erotic games. Though not perfect, given the sheer size of their online store, they do a pretty good job of censoring extreme language and images too. Moreover, their boxes and labeling are nondescript, so not even the mailman knows what is could be a box of cookies for all anyone knows!
So, is your bedroom in need of some spice? If so, let me recommend that you do your marriage a favor and experiment a little by acquiring some sort of marital toy to use is safe, exciting, and most importantly: fun!
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