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Friday, 26 August 2011

Top 10 Tips for Great Sex

  1. Speak up: Verbalize what you want your spouse to do to you...tell them what feels good and how good it feels...encourage them to keep doing it and describe how to do it: faster, harder, etc.
  2. Listen up: Get out of your head and listen to the sounds of your lovemaking, the breathing, the exclamations, the clapping of flesh.
  3. Dress up: Take some time to look nice for your spouse, trade in that old sweatshirt or the briefs with holes in them for some lingerie and silk boxers.
  4. Wake up: Try it first thing in the morning...that is when testosterone levels are at their highest.  Wake up sex is one way to put a smile on your face for the whole day.
  5. Wash up: Yes guys, after a long day of work, you can't expect your wives to want to cuddle up if you smell like your deodorant stopped working hours ago; also, for both parties, before you follow the next step, it might also be worthwhile taking a quick shower.  'Nuff said.
  6. Go down: Everyone likes it when their spouse goes south of the border...oral sex can be terrific, and practice and some coaching from the recipient go a long way toward making it better and better with each try. 
  7. Lay down: Sex is as mental as it is physical...don't rush into it or out of it...take some time to lay down beside one another before and after...look into the eyes, stroke the hair, snuggle a bit.
  8. Calm down: Many guys suffer from being too quick on the trigger...if that describes your situation, it may be that you're getting ahead of yourself.  Stop for a second, when that funny feeling starts rising, and then start again only after it subsides.  Some even find that pulling out and squeezing the tip of the penis for a few seconds is enough to help them keep going stronger, longer! 
  9. Slim down: Most of us would love to be in better shape, and when it comes to sex, a healthy body is a powerful thing.  Just remember, eating right and getting a little exercise pay dividends between the sheets as well.
  10. Slow down: Sometimes it feels great to just pound it out, to get a quickie...but like a fine meal, sex is best when savored...there's no need to rush...take some time to enjoy it. 
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