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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Aging Christians and their sexuality

As individuals age, two things happen to our bodies, some of them are not so pretty, and some can go south fairly quickly. One of the major changes especially in that is in their sexual potency. As testosterone levels drop, the ability to get an erection, or even to feel strongly about having sex, diminishes every year. While at the same time women going through menopause may experience a resurgence of sexual desire, and feel unfulfilled by their husband who may remain distant. 
For that reason, couples should put themselves in one another's shoes and try to appreciate how the aging process can lead to difficulties and sexual health and desire. Websites like are starting to pop up as answers for Christians who face these problems in their sexual relationships. By selling sex toys like vibrators, dildos, lingerie, lubes and other adult toys, they hope to give Christians options for building their sexuality once again even as they age. Couples ought to shop together, agreeing on what the limits are for such devices in their bedroom, and really no one can tell someone else where those limits lie since each couple will have their own sexual comfort levels. 
That said, we would like to think that as mature adults, you are comfortable with one another by now and have seen each other in every conceivable position, and therefore should not feel embarrassed or intimidated by introducing a sexual device into your lovemaking. While we cannot reverse aging, there is no reason we have to accept a sexless marriage as Christians. 
The Bible tells us that we should put our spouses’ needs before our own, and this applies to sex as well. There is no reason to be embarrassed, ashamed, or timid about wanting a robust level of intimacy in your marriage since we know that God has created us for one another. While sexuality is just one dimension of a marriage, it is an important one, and if it goes ignored, couples may face larger problems down the road.

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