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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

When a Christian spouse doesn't want sex

Have you ever had this experience: you and your spouse are together, the kids are asleep, the work week is over, and just as you are ready to make your move, neither of you are feeling it anymore. Maybe you even tried have a glass of wine (sorry teetotalers!), tell a couple jokes, and give a backrub, but no matter what you try nothing seems to recapture that strong desire again. It looks like you are both going to be going to bed without sex. This happens to every couple once in a while, but if it becomes a pattern, you can make it very difficult for your marriage. In cases like these you may want to consider using some sort of a marital aid to enhance your physical relationship. 
More believers are turning to adult toys in order to bring back that spark, and is one place where you can get discrete shipping on all things related to Christian marital aids. Keep in mind that devices like this are no substitute for a genuine bond or strong communication, but they are merely meant to supplement what is already there, and to introduce a new dimension into your lovemaking. 
The consequences of remaining virtually celibate while together can be disastrous on a relationship, especially if one does not have accountability to somebody in the church, so spouses please fight for your marriage and do everything you possibly can to boost your commitment to one another both outside and inside your bedrooms. 
If you are feeling vulnerable about your relationship, you might want to see a sex therapist who can help you as a Christian couple to regain your passion. I’m not a big believer in sex rules, but if there is one such list, then clearly the idea that Christian marriages should be about ‘enjoying sex’ is on it. Then after that, go online and do some browsing for a vibrator or something similar that will help rid you out of any unhealthy patterns as a couple; the marriage demands it, and your bodies will thank you afterwards.
So if you find that your spouse isn't as into it as they once were, exercise a little grace and talk with them about it openly. You may have to be the instigator here when it comes to being more active in the bedroom, and introducing the idea of a sex toy might be intimidating if you grew up in a really conservative church; but let's face it, sex is a gift from God and meant to be enjoyed between married couples however they like. 

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