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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Should Christians use adult toys?

This is a big question, but we're going to weigh in according to our view: God's purpose for sex is not simply so that people can have children, but so that individuals can share mutual love on a physical dimension and enjoy one another completely. We as Christians do not need to be afraid of being physical with one another, and as long as we do not descend into being vulgar or unconsciously using the other person merely in some sexually gratifying way for our own benefit, then sexuality is virtually an open door within the bonds of marriage. 

This is why many couples have come to realize that things like vibrators in the bedroom are perfectly acceptable between a loving and committed couple. I'm not sure if you've ever tried venturing out upon these waters, especially if you grew up with restrictive views on sex, but the fact that you're reading this article suggests to me that you may be ready to make that voyage. If you choose to try adult novelties and you have kids you may want to consider finding a clever way to hide these devices, but the same time you should not use that as an excuse not to explore different ways to kindle your love life with your spouse, especially on a physical dimension. 
In reality, Christian sex toys are going mainstream. Whether or not you choose to play soft music and have a nice dinner as a prelude to your lovemaking is up to you, but if in the bedroom you find that you are repeating the same things, then using something as simple as a vibrator from Christianbed can be an easy way to share increased interest and enthusiasm in your sexual relationship with your husband or wife. 
While it may be tempting to relinquish desire and focus on other things like one's career or family or savings, the Bible tells us that nonetheless the marriage bed is undefiled, which is to say that couples ought to make love on a regular basis and that is what they do behind closed doors is only between them. 
Once you accept that the physical dimension of your marriage is just as important as the spiritual or emotional, you will be willing to venture out into new and uncharted waters to discover whether or not marital aids can improve the overall atmosphere of your relationship.

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